Ode to Summer…and Girlfriends

Today I attended my 8th grader’s graduation from middle school. Surprisingly, I didn’t cry, but I wonder if that’s because he’s said for weeks it was “no big deal.” And “it’s just middle school” but of course every last day of a school means the end of a “season” – that particular grade or the hallmark transition from elementary, middle, high school or college. It’s also the last and first of something for us women, too. Our kids’ aging certainly marks our own hopscotch through time, but it also means new seasons open up for us. (With kids’ aged 21, 19 and 14, I’m squarely in the more-freedom-so-I-get-to-work-and-play-more season. Highly recommend it.)

Tears or not, that last day of school is a transition into summer…sleeping in maybe or at

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least less carpool…summer vacays…and for us at Chicks in Charge, our big summer party, Chicksella on June 22nd at Wheeler Park. Get your tickets Memorial Weekend to get TWO EXTRA door prizes entries for a chance to win Ah-mazing prizes from our boss Chicks. Our hope is that the lazier days of summer inspire you to spend more time fostering female friendships – existing ones that fill you up and new ones that can bring more fulfillment and fun to your life. That’s also why the best ticket deals are for Dreamer Duo and Peace.Love.Chicksella 4-pack. Note the early bird ticket expires May 31st. too. Go grab some, friends!

So, what do you think of summer? What are you most looking forward to this season? We asked some of our Chicks at our poolside mixer for their thoughts on this sunny IMG_7873season…

Summer has Rachel Schobert of Trinity Massage looking forward to more time with family, but also expanding her practice to include pediatric massage therapy (great idea, Rachel), and cleaning up her five acre farm. How’s that for getting some Vitamin D and exercise in? Go, Rach!

A931D162-0BBB-414F-8D04-51AC1A65431AYou a beach or mountains girl? Lillie-beth Brinkman of NBC Bank shares, “I love the mountains in the summer – New Mexico! AND MY BIRTHDAY! (Speaking of milestones, we hear this is a cool one.)

Realtor Shonda Spencer loves “outdoor concerts, margaritas on the patio, lake & pool time, and everyone is ready to buy and sell their home!” Now that sounds like a boss Chick with her intentions in the right place.

Now we know Carla Felix Wilkins loves her music and dancing, as attested to her fabulous hosting duties for our poolside mixer last night in her gorgeous backyard. She’s a pretty amazing DJ so when she says she loves “chilling by the pool listening to music and hanging with my friends,” we have photographic proof. ^^^

As for me, I love travel so summer adventure is always high on my to-do list. With two kiddos in college, our vacays are more low-key this year, but still taking the fam for a fun long weekend in Vegas and my husband and I go on a hiking weekend each summer with my sis and bro-in-law. We’re opting for urban hiking in Dallas this summer so we can stay at the Statler and enjoy the big city.

Here’s the Chicksella Breeze Cocktail Ms. Carla whipped up for us!IMG_1577 2

One part whipped vodka

Two parts light lemonade

Two parts diet Cherry 7 Up

Top with champagne

Add a lime wedge

Okay, so we ARE still planning on being bad ass boss Chicks with great promotions and productivity this summer. Here’s a list of marketing ideas on how to make a splash with your summer biz.

What about you? What do you love most about summer? Going anywhere fun? We hope to see you at Chicksella with all of your fun Chicks! Drop your comments on the blog or on our FB page!


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