2020 Boss Chick Rock Star Awards

Oh, 2020, why’d ya have to play us like that?

No matter! We did what boss Chicks do…PERSEVERE. See our 2020 ornament? A woman in a cape flying through the storm? Yep. We did that.

Even better, we kept our businesses afloat with creativity and pivoting when we needed to pivot and supporting each other however we could. We want to close out the year sharing our Rock Star Awards to showcase some of the cool things our members did this year. Remember, yes we can! To follow these women and all of our boss Chicks, click over to our directory!

Grow, Baby, Grow Award – Jenn Robbins, Funnel Fixer – double meaning. Jenn is pregnant with her second child, and as such, has quarantined this year, yet that didn’t stop her from growing her business big this year- helping entrepreneurs fix their sales funnels and web copy so they could persevere in 2020 and beyond. Yay, Jenn!

Go Giver Award – Megan Sittig, Manager, State Farm Insurance: Megan proves that even during a pandemic, volunteering is more important than ever. She holds several volunteer positions in the community while also managing offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in a turbulent year. We love your heart for service and the example you set!

Collaboration Queen Award Cyndy Hoenig: We don’t know how she does it, but she does! Cyndy is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who owns a PR firm, Ever After micro-wedding event center in OKC, BootRoxx boot slip covers, and the Media Insider – a media directory for Oklahoma. She is not only a big promoter of small business and women entrepreneurs, but is constantly thinking of creative ways to collaborate with them for her own businesses.

Umbrella Award Betty Goad, Onin Staffing: Betty said yes to opening the Tulsa Chapter of Chicks in Charge even though that meant most of their gatherings this year would have to be small, outside or totally virtual. Despite the pandemic, the Tulsa Chapter added a dozen fabulous members and held the Chicksella boho summer pop up event and the Trick or Treat Ball costume happy hour to promote their members’ products and services. Her optimistic attitude and perseverance and leadership through difficulty is inspiring and appreciated.

Tech Tutor Award Kari King, Digital Exec. Producer, KFOR-TV: Kari knows her stuff and she has been hugely helpful in answering all of our questions when it comes to tech and social media changes. She routinely provides links and news articles in our private group and even gave a talk on what’s coming in 2021 for social media at one of our Lead & Learn luncheons.

Pop Up Queen Award – Mary Morris, Francis + Benedict: When it comes to side hustles, it doesn’t get much more beautiful or special than Mary’s – as Francis & Benedict advocate, Mary sells gorgeous skirts made by seamstresses in the poor village of Togo, Africa. Mary was one of our first members at The Coop work + event space (Chick’s HQ) in downtown Edmond, and hosted pop up events at least twice a month, inviting in other women entrepreneurs to join her – selling virtually and in person with masks. Thanks, Mary!

Pivot The Pivot Award – Rhiannon Abla, Balloon Masters: Things were looking very bleak this spring when Rhiannon saw all of her corporate events, school and sports banquets, and graduations pulled the plug on their events, which sent Rhiannon’s revenue down the drains. But birthdays and graduations still happened, albeit virtually, so Rhiannon created unique balloon displays with contactless delivery, including yard sticks and balloon garland clients could put up themselves. Her beautiful balloon displays added color and happiness during the otherwise gray year. Give Rhiannon a call for your next celebration!

Goal Digger AwardAshley Sorrill, Ingrained Goods: One of the unfortunate effects of the pandemic was production and shipping. For Ashley and her husband, who own Ingrained Goods, making custom gifts, that meant they ran out of their best-selling supplies to make their goods and had to cancel orders by the dozens for months – after they had just bought the expensive equipment necessary to make the items. Ouch. Yet, Ashley focused on the products she could still produce and made sure she was at the top of the vendor list so when her items were available again she was the only distributor in the country and her sales sky-rocketed. She also shared her success on Pinterest with our flock at a Lead and Learn luncheon this year.

Go Getter Award – Amy Shirola, Pie Prerogative:  Question: would people still eat pie during the pandemic? Well, sure, but when a big distribution point is put on hold and has limited attendance (Farmers’ markets) and more people want to stay at home and quarantine and in person pie crust classes, sales suffer. So what did Amy and her Pie posse’ do? They brought the pies to you – and even cooler – offered FREE pie-making and baking classes LIVE. They were a huge hit and so she’s continuing to do both paid and free virtual versions of her classes. Thanks, Amy!

Builder Babe Award – Jeanna Lichtenberger, WellOK and Essential Families: At a time when most of the country had to shut down production, quarantine and work at home, Jeanna had to finish what she started – renovating a former salon in Edmond to turn it into a wellness retreat and co-working space for women in the wellness community and event space. Now she has a dozen members, ongoing virtual and limited in person events. She even hosted our Read & Lead book club outside on the gorgeous back deck at WellOk to discuss UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle. Jeanna, we think you’re a mf Cheetah.

Social Butterfly Award – Julie Reising, LMFT: When you are a social networking and leadership organization, it really helps to have some extroverts who love to welcome and cheer on new members both online and off. Julie was a bright light at our events this year and one of our biggest cheerleaders. As a therapist who loves deep dive conversations, she also contributed with thought-provoking conversation at our Read & Lead book clubs. We love ya, Julie! Keep shining bright.

Chicks, we hope to see you in person or virtually at our next event, socially distanced at Eddie’s Event Center on 2nd & Coltrane in Edmond for our Manifest that Ish Vision Board Lead & Learn luncheon to make all of our dreams come true in 2021. Wishing you a safe and happy holidays and a prosperous new year!

Back to School : Like a Boss

IMG_5017To celebrate BACK TO SCHOOL, our boss Chicks put together this ode to the new school year with tips *and* 12 special offers good until the end of the month! Read our ‘zine on your laptop or computer for optimum readability. Click on the boss Chicks’ biz for the hyperlinks to get you to their special offer on their sites.

Do you have Back to School tips to add? Drop them in comments!

Thanks for reading and have a super fantastic school year.

Click the link below to start reading the ‘zine! 

Like a Boss-5

Boss Chick Spotlight: AmberLee Fuller

1920s Boudoir (Source Uknown)

Boudoir photography has been around since the camera was invented – before then, it was painted! –  and in today’s culture, great boudoir is all about female empowerment and body acceptance.

That’s one of the things that drew photographer and Edmond wife and mom AmberLee Fuller to this niche.  Her clients again and again say how amazing the session made them feel and how they almost can’t believe the photos are of them. Who doesn’t love a, “that’s me?!”
AmberLee aims to provide the ultimate intimate portrait experience. “We specialize in empowering Women, Men, and Everyone in between… showing you how to Love the Skin You’re In! Regardless of Age (must be over 18 years of age) , Gender, Skin Tone, or Size!!” 
AmberLee Boudoir recently added some new sets, a new service, and even a new brand to fit the tastes as diverse as women!
A few of the new things in AmberLee’s experience for clients…
  1. Faux brick wall, tapestry wall, neon sign wall
  2. BoHo Chic-themed bedroom set
  3. Outdoor set
  4. The Empowerment Experience. All the best parts of a Teaser and Full session combined at a fraction of the cost.
  5. AmberLee Bridal Boudoir. Another special way to mark tying the not is an intimate bridal boudoir session as a gift to the new spouse (or a gift to self!) Couple’s sessions are also offered.

Boudoir Boss Chick Amberlee Fuller

Intrigued? Learn more about her services here. Congrats on doing what you love, AmberLee, and helping women feel great about themselves!

139A6045 WM

What is ecoChicks, and why does it matter?

by Malena Lott Putnam

Yeah, we’re a social FUNetworking group of boss Chicks, but our mission extends beyond sharing marketing and business advice and fun get togethers. We’re about WHOLE leadership and that means learning ways we can be better leaders in ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES. Whew. That’s where ecoChicks comes in. #ecoChicks came to be because several of our Pro Chicks were posting ways about how to be more planet-friendly year around (not just on Earth day) and also more conscious about toxins that effect our bodies and the environments. Soooo… hello, #ecoChicks, a focus flock where we learn something about being more eco-friendly each month.

Our #ecoChicks leaders are Jenn Robbins, Conversion Copywriter; Stephanie Zerr, Beauty Counter Rep; and Jeanna Lichtenberger, Essential Families (YL Oils).

In June our #ecoChicks challenge was to be mindful of using plastic straws. Like, ask for your drink without them in the fast food line, for example; and buy your own metal straws to re-use (they even have foldable ones you can keep in your purse and car.) How cool is that?!

Our July #ecoChicks challenge is to start replacing our dependency on plastic bags (it’s also the #plasticfreeJuly challenge, which we didn’t create, but, basically, the less plastic we use, the better, you know? So, REPLACING OUR SANDWICH BAGS with eco-friendly options means getting some re-usable bags to meet your family’s needs. Our Jenn Robbins recommends Stasher bags, which are made of silicone and can be used in the microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and even oven! Who’s in?

To keep up with our #ecoChicks challenge, subscribe to the blog and follow us on Facebook. Thanks for doing your part to make the planet a better place. xo

3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine

by Copywriter Pro Chick Jennifer Robbins

Pro Chick Jennifer Robbins, Conversion Copywriter

As a conversion copywriter, I see A LOT of websites. Ones that people have DIYed, ones that people have paid other copywriters to write, ones that I’ve written myself. 

In my 8 years of experience, I’ve noticed some common patterns, problems, and solutions to make your website work for you. 

These are the three tips I shared last week at our monthly Chicks in Charge Lead & Learn  meeting: 

Tell us who you are and what you do — especially on the home page. It’s important for SEO, because if you don’t explicitly say you are a boudoir photographer, Google isn’t going to show you in search results for one. But it’s also important for your prospects to know exactly what you do. Yes, talking about pain points, the benefits of working with you, and your experience are all important. But if you never say what you do, you probably aren’t going to see many sales. 

Everything should be about the ideal client. Yes, even your About Page. People want to know what’s in it for them, so tell them. Tell your story in their context. One great way to make sure you’re doing this is to check your website for “I” language. If you’re using “I”, “me” or “we” in more than 50% of the sentences of your copy, rewrite it and use more “you” language that your prospects will relate to. Also! Make sure your buttons are empowering. Instead of saying “Learn More” say “I’m Ready to Learn More”. Bonus points if you use something more than those generic phrases, but the point is that you can see conversions increase by up to 300% if you use language that empowers the reader. 

Capture email addresses. Most people who come to your website won’t be ready to buy – you haven’t built up that know like and trust needed. (There’s a common idea that people need to know you, like you, and trust you before they buy.) But getting them on your email list lets you build a relationship with them over time! Keep in mind that people are getting marketing savvy, so don’t just throw up a “Sign Up for My Newsletter” button. Offer something like a 5 Day challenge to entice them.

And if you want a custom 15-20 minute video review of your website, I’m offering my Website Copy SOS service for only $49 for Chicks in Charge members through the end of July. Email me at hello@jennrobbins.com to take advantage of the offer. 

Thanks, Jen! Really good stuff. Dear Reader Chicks, each month our flock gathers to connect, learn, and grow together. For membership information or for info on our upcoming seasonal events open to all women, click through the site and email Malena with any questions. xo

Ode to Summer…and Girlfriends

Today I attended my 8th grader’s graduation from middle school. Surprisingly, I didn’t cry, but I wonder if that’s because he’s said for weeks it was “no big deal.” And “it’s just middle school” but of course every last day of a school means the end of a “season” – that particular grade or the hallmark transition from elementary, middle, high school or college. It’s also the last and first of something for us women, too. Our kids’ aging certainly marks our own hopscotch through time, but it also means new seasons open up for us. (With kids’ aged 21, 19 and 14, I’m squarely in the more-freedom-so-I-get-to-work-and-play-more season. Highly recommend it.)

Tears or not, that last day of school is a transition into summer…sleeping in maybe or at

photo credit: Okie Love Photo 

least less carpool…summer vacays…and for us at Chicks in Charge, our big summer party, Chicksella on June 22nd at Wheeler Park. Get your tickets Memorial Weekend to get TWO EXTRA door prizes entries for a chance to win Ah-mazing prizes from our boss Chicks. Our hope is that the lazier days of summer inspire you to spend more time fostering female friendships – existing ones that fill you up and new ones that can bring more fulfillment and fun to your life. That’s also why the best ticket deals are for Dreamer Duo and Peace.Love.Chicksella 4-pack. Note the early bird ticket expires May 31st. too. Go grab some, friends!

So, what do you think of summer? What are you most looking forward to this season? We asked some of our Chicks at our poolside mixer for their thoughts on this sunny IMG_7873season…

Summer has Rachel Schobert of Trinity Massage looking forward to more time with family, but also expanding her practice to include pediatric massage therapy (great idea, Rachel), and cleaning up her five acre farm. How’s that for getting some Vitamin D and exercise in? Go, Rach!

A931D162-0BBB-414F-8D04-51AC1A65431AYou a beach or mountains girl? Lillie-beth Brinkman of NBC Bank shares, “I love the mountains in the summer – New Mexico! AND MY BIRTHDAY! (Speaking of milestones, we hear this is a cool one.)

Realtor Shonda Spencer loves “outdoor concerts, margaritas on the patio, lake & pool time, and everyone is ready to buy and sell their home!” Now that sounds like a boss Chick with her intentions in the right place.

Now we know Carla Felix Wilkins loves her music and dancing, as attested to her fabulous hosting duties for our poolside mixer last night in her gorgeous backyard. She’s a pretty amazing DJ so when she says she loves “chilling by the pool listening to music and hanging with my friends,” we have photographic proof. ^^^

As for me, I love travel so summer adventure is always high on my to-do list. With two kiddos in college, our vacays are more low-key this year, but still taking the fam for a fun long weekend in Vegas and my husband and I go on a hiking weekend each summer with my sis and bro-in-law. We’re opting for urban hiking in Dallas this summer so we can stay at the Statler and enjoy the big city.

Here’s the Chicksella Breeze Cocktail Ms. Carla whipped up for us!IMG_1577 2

One part whipped vodka

Two parts light lemonade

Two parts diet Cherry 7 Up

Top with champagne

Add a lime wedge

Okay, so we ARE still planning on being bad ass boss Chicks with great promotions and productivity this summer. Here’s a list of marketing ideas on how to make a splash with your summer biz.

What about you? What do you love most about summer? Going anywhere fun? We hope to see you at Chicksella with all of your fun Chicks! Drop your comments on the blog or on our FB page!


Be Intentional and More Tips from Boss Chick Mamas

New TemplateLet’s be real. ALL moms are chicks in charge. Typically mamas wear many, many hats and we salute you! HAPPY Mother’s Day! Some of our Chicks put together special offers JUST FOR YOU. Check out our gift guide here.

Another great gift idea to treat yourself and celebrate female friendships? CHICKSELLA! Grab your tickets to our next seasonal GNO party Chicksella Summerfest on June 22nd at Wheeler Park. Tickets now on sale at Eventbrite. Order a Dreamer Duo for 2 or Peace Love Chicksella Pack for 4 for the best value. And how cute our these party shirts? Order by June 6th.

At our May member luncheon, our boss chick moms shared advice for working moms. Here’s what they had to say:

Be willing to apologize to your kids when you blow your top. – Suzann Wade, Wade Innovations


Fill your kids’ tanks first then they will give you your space to work and you won’t be telling them to wait. – Kristy Simmons, Spontaneity Kid Care


Be intentional. – Jackie Fix, Say it with Vinyl by Jackie


Mammals learn from watching their parent’s behavior. Don’t put yourself down or minimize your gifts. You are your unique superpower. – Malena Lott Putnam, Brand Strategist/Storyteller 


It’s okay to outsource! i.e. laundry, housekeeping, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. – Amberlee Fuller, Amberlee Boudoir


Sometimes done is good enough! If everything must be perfect, it won’t ever get done. – Cari Earley, SWBC Mortgage 


Everything you try to “spare” your kids from robs them of the chance to learn and grow! – Shonda Spencer, Homestead & Co. 


Grace for yourself. There is no way in this world to be the perception of perfection. You are enough! – Carla Felix Wilkins, R+F Spark Change


Accept that there will be things you miss out – but remind yourself of all that you are offering your child because you work outside the home. – Stacy Bozarth, Speaker/Coach


It’s okay to let the kiddo watch a little TV if you need to get something done. – Jenn Robbins, Conversion Copywriter

Interested in learning more about Chicks in Charge memberships or sponsorships? Our next Membership Mixer is May 22nd at 5:30p. More info on Facebook.

Special thanks to our Golden Egg sponsors Praxis Benefits & Essential Families

Mom’s Day Gift Guide

momsgiftcover.jpgOur pro Chicks have put together special offers on our products and services just for you to celebrate Mother’s Day and National Small Business Week! Essential oils, massage, jewelry, style coaching, beauty products and services, photography, books, and so much more.

Please share and let us know if you end up purchasing any of the offers. We appreciate your support.

Download it at the link below. 

xo gather & grow


Dare to Lead…and Believe

The one thing you can count on in our flock is good deep dive conversation over wine. Add a beautiful sunset at the Greens Country Club and the latest bestseller from Brene Brown, Dare to Lead, and you’ve got a perfect trifecta for our first book club happy hour. 

Dare to Lead takes Brene’s concepts shared in her former books like Daring Greatly and Rising Strong and applies them to leadership roles. Our boss Chicks (now 30 strong and growing) range from solopreneurs who mostly have to manage our own mindset and client relations to lead well, to small businesses, to network marketing team leaders with 10k, 15k and even 44,000 members in their care. 

In today’s environment, leadership isn’t the boss in the corner office/open door policy of yesteryear. With social media, transparency, and a 24/7 news cycle, how we lead is how we live and vice versa. As Brene says so well in her book, you don’t have personal values and work values. Your values are you. 

For our discussion, we zeroed in on Brene’s BRAVING inventory, something she first introduced in Rising Strong. Shonda Spencer, realtor, Jeanna Lichtenberger, Young Living Diamond/co-founder of Essential Famiies, Lori Pedford, president, Praxis Benefits, and Malena Putnam, author/speaker/brand strategist, share their thoughts on aspects of the inventory that most hit home with them both personally and professionally. Read through and then share the one(s) that most resonate with you in comments. 


“That’s a tough one. I make myself available to my team but then I get so many texts and messages that I can’t keep up so then it makes me unreliable and I feel bad.”

“The hardest part for me is wanting to do it all and then that makes me fall short because I run out of time.”

“I’m bad at setting boundaries for my own work/life balance so I think that bleeds into my relationship with my family. I love to work and it’s hard to turn that off when you work for yourself.”


“I think if I had better boundaries that would take care of a lot of the accountability problem I have.”

“This reminds me of Brene’s marble jar story she told with her daughter. To determine who your marble jar friends are, you put a marble in when they show up, keep your secrets, and invites you to occasions. Marble jars go out when the friend doesn’t follow through, reach out or show they care. That’s accountability.”

“I feel like I do my best when I have an accountability partner. Otherwise I get bored and want to move on to the next thing.” 


“Being good at keeping thing in the vault means knowing your audience. Who can you trust? Who will give you the feedback to make you feel better and not worse? And not gossiping or saying names when sharing a story. Keeping the high road.”

“I think people who are more private have less of a problem with this. They don’t like sharing their personal stories on social media or live videos or whatever and so they tend to underscore versus overshare. For big extroverts, I could see it being easier to overshare or to the wrong people.”


“People who walk the walk and not just talk the talk. People who don’t pull the “because I said so” or power trip. Leaders who aren’t afraid to have the tough conversations instead of avoiding them. That’s courage and you can’t really have integrity without being brave, too.”


“Good for her, not for me. It works.”

“This is hard because as women we are more prone to empathy I think, but we also get really set in our ways thinking our choice is the only choice, even if it’s flipped from what it used to be. So women leaders might have judgments about stay at home moms who work from home and vice versa. Then all the other issues like breastfeeding and parenting and who volunteers more and who works out and so on.”

“I think this does improve with experience. The more you see other people go through things and you yourself going through stages, you become more empathetic. I used to judge people who didn’t go to church or who got a divorce and so on. Now I just see it as another life experience. We never know who or when something will happen, so why judge?”


“For me understanding personalty types (like MBTI, Enneagram) help me to apply this concept. We see things through different lenses, so trying to see it through theirs can help assume the best and not the worst from their words or actions.”

“It also reminds me of The Four Agreements. Never assume is a biggie. Sometimes we jump to assume the worst when that wasn’t what was meant at all.”

“I like Brene’s idea of starting with, “the story I”m telling myself is…” so you are sharing what’s coming up for you instead of blaming the other person when they may not have intended to hurt you.” 

Thanks, Chicks! Our next book club happy hour pick will be announced next week. We’ll be discussing the book in July.

Interested in joining Chicks in Charge as a pro member? Visit our membership page for details. 

Musical Pep Talk? Try These…

Need a pep talk with a good beat? Feeling down and need an insta-mood lift?

Our Chicks in Charge lady bosses recently shared their go-to songs for boosting their days on the 9 to 5…or 7 or 8 or midnight…let’s kick it old school, shall we?

Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake (Jenn Robbins, copywriter)

The Greatest Show, The Greatest Showman Cast , Kristy Simmons, Spontaneity Kid Care

Take Me to the River, Talking Heads (Suzann Wade, Innovation & Creativity Coach)

This is Me, Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman (Joei Tyra, The Joei of Cooking)

Work, B*tch, Brittney Spears (Sarah Fite, Willow & Birch Boutique)

Dancing Queen, ABBA (Carla Wilkins, Spark Change with Carla, R+F)

Roar, Katy Perry (Jackie Fix, Say it with Vinyl)

Toes, Zac Brown Band (Jilian Larimore, Impact OK)

Woman, Kesha (Shonda Spencer, Homestead Co)

Glorious, Macklemore (Sarah Stewart, Solid Serenity Legal Solutions)

Dirty Laundry, Don Henley (Kari King, KFOR)

In My Blood, Sean Mendez (Amberlee Fuller, Amberlee Boudoir)

Let’s Go Crazy, Prince (Malena Putnam, Brand Strategist/Storyteller)=

Ahhh, that’s better, yeah?

Need a lift that lasts longer than a song? Check out our Membership and next events!





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