2020 Boss Chick Rock Star Awards

Oh, 2020, why’d ya have to play us like that?

No matter! We did what boss Chicks do…PERSEVERE. See our 2020 ornament? A woman in a cape flying through the storm? Yep. We did that.

Even better, we kept our businesses afloat with creativity and pivoting when we needed to pivot and supporting each other however we could. We want to close out the year sharing our Rock Star Awards to showcase some of the cool things our members did this year. Remember, yes we can! To follow these women and all of our boss Chicks, click over to our directory!

Grow, Baby, Grow Award – Jenn Robbins, Funnel Fixer – double meaning. Jenn is pregnant with her second child, and as such, has quarantined this year, yet that didn’t stop her from growing her business big this year- helping entrepreneurs fix their sales funnels and web copy so they could persevere in 2020 and beyond. Yay, Jenn!

Go Giver Award – Megan Sittig, Manager, State Farm Insurance: Megan proves that even during a pandemic, volunteering is more important than ever. She holds several volunteer positions in the community while also managing offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in a turbulent year. We love your heart for service and the example you set!

Collaboration Queen Award Cyndy Hoenig: We don’t know how she does it, but she does! Cyndy is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who owns a PR firm, Ever After micro-wedding event center in OKC, BootRoxx boot slip covers, and the Media Insider – a media directory for Oklahoma. She is not only a big promoter of small business and women entrepreneurs, but is constantly thinking of creative ways to collaborate with them for her own businesses.

Umbrella Award Betty Goad, Onin Staffing: Betty said yes to opening the Tulsa Chapter of Chicks in Charge even though that meant most of their gatherings this year would have to be small, outside or totally virtual. Despite the pandemic, the Tulsa Chapter added a dozen fabulous members and held the Chicksella boho summer pop up event and the Trick or Treat Ball costume happy hour to promote their members’ products and services. Her optimistic attitude and perseverance and leadership through difficulty is inspiring and appreciated.

Tech Tutor Award Kari King, Digital Exec. Producer, KFOR-TV: Kari knows her stuff and she has been hugely helpful in answering all of our questions when it comes to tech and social media changes. She routinely provides links and news articles in our private group and even gave a talk on what’s coming in 2021 for social media at one of our Lead & Learn luncheons.

Pop Up Queen Award – Mary Morris, Francis + Benedict: When it comes to side hustles, it doesn’t get much more beautiful or special than Mary’s – as Francis & Benedict advocate, Mary sells gorgeous skirts made by seamstresses in the poor village of Togo, Africa. Mary was one of our first members at The Coop work + event space (Chick’s HQ) in downtown Edmond, and hosted pop up events at least twice a month, inviting in other women entrepreneurs to join her – selling virtually and in person with masks. Thanks, Mary!

Pivot The Pivot Award – Rhiannon Abla, Balloon Masters: Things were looking very bleak this spring when Rhiannon saw all of her corporate events, school and sports banquets, and graduations pulled the plug on their events, which sent Rhiannon’s revenue down the drains. But birthdays and graduations still happened, albeit virtually, so Rhiannon created unique balloon displays with contactless delivery, including yard sticks and balloon garland clients could put up themselves. Her beautiful balloon displays added color and happiness during the otherwise gray year. Give Rhiannon a call for your next celebration!

Goal Digger AwardAshley Sorrill, Ingrained Goods: One of the unfortunate effects of the pandemic was production and shipping. For Ashley and her husband, who own Ingrained Goods, making custom gifts, that meant they ran out of their best-selling supplies to make their goods and had to cancel orders by the dozens for months – after they had just bought the expensive equipment necessary to make the items. Ouch. Yet, Ashley focused on the products she could still produce and made sure she was at the top of the vendor list so when her items were available again she was the only distributor in the country and her sales sky-rocketed. She also shared her success on Pinterest with our flock at a Lead and Learn luncheon this year.

Go Getter Award – Amy Shirola, Pie Prerogative:  Question: would people still eat pie during the pandemic? Well, sure, but when a big distribution point is put on hold and has limited attendance (Farmers’ markets) and more people want to stay at home and quarantine and in person pie crust classes, sales suffer. So what did Amy and her Pie posse’ do? They brought the pies to you – and even cooler – offered FREE pie-making and baking classes LIVE. They were a huge hit and so she’s continuing to do both paid and free virtual versions of her classes. Thanks, Amy!

Builder Babe Award – Jeanna Lichtenberger, WellOK and Essential Families: At a time when most of the country had to shut down production, quarantine and work at home, Jeanna had to finish what she started – renovating a former salon in Edmond to turn it into a wellness retreat and co-working space for women in the wellness community and event space. Now she has a dozen members, ongoing virtual and limited in person events. She even hosted our Read & Lead book club outside on the gorgeous back deck at WellOk to discuss UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle. Jeanna, we think you’re a mf Cheetah.

Social Butterfly Award – Julie Reising, LMFT: When you are a social networking and leadership organization, it really helps to have some extroverts who love to welcome and cheer on new members both online and off. Julie was a bright light at our events this year and one of our biggest cheerleaders. As a therapist who loves deep dive conversations, she also contributed with thought-provoking conversation at our Read & Lead book clubs. We love ya, Julie! Keep shining bright.

Chicks, we hope to see you in person or virtually at our next event, socially distanced at Eddie’s Event Center on 2nd & Coltrane in Edmond for our Manifest that Ish Vision Board Lead & Learn luncheon to make all of our dreams come true in 2021. Wishing you a safe and happy holidays and a prosperous new year!

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