Dare to Lead…and Believe

The one thing you can count on in our flock isย good deep dive conversation over wine. Add a beautiful sunset at the Greens Country Club and the latest bestseller from Brene Brown, Dare to Lead, and youโ€™ve got a perfect trifecta for our first book club happy hour.ย  Dare to Lead takes Breneโ€™s concepts sharedContinue reading “Dare to Lead…and Believe”

Dare to Lead…And Join

When I was little, I thought I wanted to be a teacher because I liked to write on a chalkboard. True story. What I found out with a bit of maturity (and a few years’ of babysitting), is that I didn’t have the patience to teach children, but that I liked to a) share knowledgeContinue reading “Dare to Lead…And Join”