What is ecoChicks, and why does it matter?

by Malena Lott Putnam Yeah, we’re a social FUNetworking group of boss Chicks, but our mission extends beyond sharing marketing and business advice and fun get togethers. We’re about WHOLE leadership and that means learning ways we can be better leaders in ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES. Whew. That’s where ecoChicks comes in. #ecoChicks cameContinue reading “What is ecoChicks, and why does it matter?”

3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine

by Copywriter Pro Chick Jennifer Robbins As a conversion copywriter, I see A LOT of websites. Ones that people have DIYed, ones that people have paid other copywriters to write, ones that I’ve written myself.  In my 8 years of experience, I’ve noticed some common patterns, problems, and solutions to make your website work forContinue reading “3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine”

Dare to Lead…And Join

When I was little, I thought I wanted to be a teacher because I liked to write on a chalkboard. True story. What I found out with a bit of maturity (and a few years’ of babysitting), is that I didn’t have the patience to teach children, but that I liked to a) share knowledgeContinue reading “Dare to Lead…And Join”