3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine

by Copywriter Pro Chick Jennifer Robbins As a conversion copywriter, I see A LOT of websites. Ones that people have DIYed, ones that people have paid other copywriters to write, ones that I’ve written myself.  In my 8 years of experience, I’ve noticed some common patterns, problems, and solutions to make your website work forContinue reading “3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine”

Be Intentional and More Tips from Boss Chick Mamas

Let’s be real. ALL moms are chicks in charge. Typically mamas wear many, many hats and we salute you! HAPPY Mother’s Day! Some of our Chicks put together special offers JUST FOR YOU. Check out our gift guide here. Another great gift idea to treat yourself and celebrate female friendships? CHICKSELLA! Grab your tickets toContinue reading “Be Intentional and More Tips from Boss Chick Mamas”

Dare to Lead…and Believe

The one thing you can count on in our flock is good deep dive conversation over wine. Add a beautiful sunset at the Greens Country Club and the latest bestseller from Brene Brown, Dare to Lead, and you’ve got a perfect trifecta for our first book club happy hour.  Dare to Lead takes Brene’s concepts sharedContinue reading “Dare to Lead…and Believe”

Dare to Lead…And Join

When I was little, I thought I wanted to be a teacher because I liked to write on a chalkboard. True story. What I found out with a bit of maturity (and a few years’ of babysitting), is that I didn’t have the patience to teach children, but that I liked to a) share knowledgeContinue reading “Dare to Lead…And Join”