3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine

by Copywriter Pro Chick Jennifer Robbins As a conversion copywriter, I see A LOT of websites. Ones that people have DIYed, ones that people have paid other copywriters to write, ones that I’ve written myself.  In my 8 years of experience, I’ve noticed some common patterns, problems, and solutions to make your website work forContinue reading “3 Tips to Turn your Website into a Sales Machine”

Musical Pep Talk? Try These…

Need a pep talk with a good beat? Feeling down and need an insta-mood lift? Our Chicks in Charge lady bosses recently shared their go-to songs for boosting their days on the 9 to 5…or 7 or 8 or midnight…let’s kick it old school, shall we? Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake (Jenn Robbins, copywriter) The GreatestContinue reading “Musical Pep Talk? Try These…”