Back to School : Like a Boss

To celebrate BACK TO SCHOOL, our boss Chicks put together this ode to the new school year with tips *and* 12 special offers good until the end of the month! Read our ‘zine on your laptop or computer for optimum readability. Click on the boss Chicks’ biz for the hyperlinks to get you to theirContinue reading “Back to School : Like a Boss”

Musical Pep Talk? Try These…

Need a pep talk with a good beat? Feeling down and need an insta-mood lift? Our Chicks in Charge lady bosses recently shared their go-to songs for boosting their days on the 9 to 5…or 7 or 8 or midnight…let’s kick it old school, shall we? Sexy Back, Justin Timberlake (Jenn Robbins, copywriter) The GreatestContinue reading “Musical Pep Talk? Try These…”